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We supply and install the most secure fence for home and commercial use.

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A Team of Full-service Reliable clear view fence Suppliers in Zimbabwe

With many of experience in fencing services and supplies, our team of experts are here to help you with all your fencing needs. Whether it is a complicated issue or one that just needs a quick fix, we’ll help you figure it out and fix it at the most affordable cost.

Where to use Clear View fencing?


Clear View fencing can be designed to your industry needs while maintaining the structural integrity of our product. We offer a range of variations including height options, colour preferences and finish, to complement your property.


Clear View fencings’ secure design and tamper-proof craftsmanship provide the safety you require from perimeter fencing. It is uniquely designed to prevent a decent grip when trying to climb the fence, thereby limiting the access of intruders through fence climbing. 

Commercial Installation

Clear view fencing is the popular choice when securing the perimeter of your business. Clear View fencing’s unique design ensures maximum security to your building, because of the anti-cut, anti-climb and enhanced security barrier that ensures maximum visibility for security cameras.

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